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Taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun. 



We are fearlessly authentic.
We are unapologetically ourselves.

We are era definers.
We build the world we want to live in.

We are ambitious.
We think it. We want it. We work for it.

We are fierce and courageous.
We feel the fear and we do it anyway. Because why the hell not.

We are players.
Work hard. Have fun. No drama.



Artist. Feminist. Entrepreneur.

An artist, a business woman and a no-bullshit mentor.
Claudia believes in the naked body of women as a way to celebrate the female existence, to stand up, to break the rules and to be the revolution.
After painting the body of thousands of women, now she travels the world sharing her revolution through #skinisthenewcanvas, and owns and operate her business selling her art worldwide in her online shop.
She’s also a badass mentor, she teaches business mentoring for artists to hundreds of creatives all around the world.